Tuesday, September 7, 2010

but it's labor day

Question: Should you take advantage of the FREE radio advertising for online dating during a holiday weekend?


1. What holiday is it? If it's a winter holiday, chances are you might be snow bound and your Aunt Gertie and Uncle Brian who incessantly bicker and give you gifts that make you want to learn how to build a cherry bomb, my answer is: go for it. Maybe you can meet an engineer and make cherry bombs together. Or at least make out on a date. I gather you're going for the latter instead.

2. If it's a summer holiday, think of all the people watching you're missing out on. AND if you love people watching, then you're potentially missing out on Mr./Mrs. Right who might be people watching right next to you. Can you imagine how cool your wedding would be? Invite strangers and people watch over some really good cake. Can I be invited?

If my answers haven't been helpful, then maybe this funny story will deter you from my horrible suggestions:

My dad and I are were driving around this past weekend, running errands. The usual is sarcastic banter with a mix of lecture about how I need to keep my life on track. 

Dad: Amy, so you're saving money so you can buy a place--right? Maybe next year at this time you'll have a townhouse.

Amy: When I think of nursing homes, right now the one you'll be residing at doesn't have a pool or ramps. I think they serve jello as main meals too. Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Dad: rolls his eyes

Amy: rolls her eyes HARDER. (trust me, I'm the master at rolling my eyes).

So, back to Labor Day. We're in my car and my dad brings up online dating. Not only did I roll my eyes, but I'm pretty sure my left eyeball rolled out of its socket. To deter my defenses I bring the conversation to the marketing behind online dating.

For instance...the advertisement over the radio for online dating was: "Labor Day weekend means FREE communicating for e*harmonizing!" (or a site such as). 

this is definitely what my dad thinks is on the other side of the computer when he hears online dating. and i went with a redhead model because then i can pretend this is my mom and not get creeped out that my dad is imagining other women.

That seems kind of counter productive right? 

After a full day of work in front of the computer, the LAST thing I'd want to do is get back on the computer when I get home. I'm taking an online class too, so my eyes are practically bleeding by 8PM. 

My only parallel would be 'beer goggles.' I'm going to try to select Mr. Right after being on the computer for a solid 10 hours. And of all weekends to be 'FREE to communicate' shouldn't someone take advantage of the beach, bbqs and family parties to get OUT and meet someone? 

there is a reason why this poster is in almost every guy's room in college. yet everyone makes the same mistake over and over and over and over...don't lie.

Me,"Um it's Labor Day so instead of hitting the beach or going to XYZ's bbq, I'm staying in, throwing on sweats and working on my dating profile. What Mr. Right is staying IN? It kind of negates all the profiles that say he/she likes hiking, going to the beach, being outdoors, swimming, walking their dog....

I guess if you're a World of Web Wars fan then this extra free weekend is like a birthday gift all wrapped up in a pretty bow. Let me know what that gift looks like after you tear off the wrapping paper. I'm pretty sure socializing with my grandmother and her senior citizen crew on Labor Day not only had a slamming apple pie but if I missed Mr. Right online, I'm ok with it. My tan is a shoe-in until the last weekend in September.

i named this .jpeg 'romeo' and you know what- he might just have a slammin' body, cruising the streets of santa monica in my dream car. i don't know what my dream car is yet, but i bet this guy has it beat.

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  1. Hey eventually you can convert this to a book and a movie.